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Jun 01 2012

End of Year One – They Did It!

So back in July it was nice for me to think that I would balance running a blog with teaching. Obviously that did not happen. Maybe I’ll post more on the year throughout the summer, but for now just a few tidbits. Obviously, I survived. There were days (and sometimes weeks) that were miserable, but…

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Jul 16 2011

The Importance of Flexibility

When I applied to TFA back in October, I was pretty flexible about where I got placed. There were a few must-haves – a large corps/alum presence, low cost of living, relatively urban area, and far away from the Northeast – but I didn’t have my heart set on anywhere in particular. Subject preferences were…

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Jul 16 2011

Institute – Your CMA and CMA group

So I finished Atlanta Institute a week ago, and am now safely (and happily) back in Memphis. All things considered – and maybe I’m a bit weird – I kind of enjoyed Institute. There was definitely a lot of work, there were days my kids drove me up a wall, but I found it pretty…

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May 12 2011


So about six weeks ago I got an email from my PD telling me that there was a charter school interested in interviewing with me. It’s a middle school, grades 6-8, and even though I initially imagined myself teaching high school English, I got really excited when I started thinking about everything I read in…

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May 10 2011

The Final Countdown

So as of 11 this morning, I’ve finished my last undergraduate exam. That’s it. Now it’s senior week, Commencement, and NINETEEN days until I move to Memphis. Wow. It’s still kind of hard to wrap my head around. Things are starting to get real. I bought a car a few weeks ago, I’ve been starting…

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Apr 05 2011


So even though I almost threw up waiting for the score reports to load…I passed! I was almost positive I had passed English, but I literally knew less than half the answers on both the Middle School Science and Social Studies sections, so I was a bit concerned about that. Turns out it was for…

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Mar 09 2011

Praxis Madness

So Saturday’s the big day, I’m taking both my Praxis exams for the first (and hopefully last!) time. I have some mixed feelings about them, I’m assigned English 6-12 but because of certification standards in Tennessee I have to take both English Content Knowledge and a general Middle School Content Knowledge – Math, English/Language Arts,…

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Jan 21 2011

Memphis here I come?

So after an application process that, in all honesty, probably started somewhere during my junior year, it’s finally done. Countless hours researching the organization, tons of back and forth after reading every positive and negative thing that’s ever been written about TFA, edits and re-edits of my resume and letter of intent, an extremely awkward…

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