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Jun 01 2012

End of Year One – They Did It!

So back in July it was nice for me to think that I would balance running a blog with teaching. Obviously that did not happen. Maybe I’ll post more on the year throughout the summer, but for now just a few tidbits. Obviously, I survived. There were days (and sometimes weeks) that were miserable, but there was never a single day where I hated my job. I came to love science – so much so that when I was offered any subject I wanted for the coming year, I chose to stick with science. There’s been plenty of craziness. I was switched to 8th grade mid-year and walked into a situation where we were 12 weeks from the state test and I needed to reteach an entire year’s worth of standards (on my diagnostic in late January 83% of the kids scored below basic). I still miss my 6th grade students but my 8th graders became my babies. They graduate on Sunday and I know I’ll miss them all terribly. And when it came to the test, they absolutely KILLED IT. When they were in 7th grade, 27% of them were proficient or advanced in science.┬áIn Memphis, 29% of 8th graders are proficient or advanced in Science. In the entire state of Tennessee, its 60%. 70% of my amazing babies were proficient or advanced, beating all those rich kids. I couldn’t be prouder.


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  1. CJK

    Congratulations on a major accomplishment.!

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